Video Mission Features
Historical building

«The building of Lomonosov school is made of stone and has spacious classrooms, two halls and parquet floor. The style of the building is German-Dutch. A beautiful view of the Oka and the Volga opens up from the premise. The classrooms are replete with air and light.»


«Art Nouveau architecture in Nizhniy Novgorod»

O. V. Orelskaya

«On November, 8th (21st according to the old calendar) 1911 Russia celebrated M.V. Lomonosov’s birthday with great pomp. In honour of this glorious anniversary on September, 8th 1912 grand opening of a new academic building with windows looking out on Strelka took place in Nizhniy Novgorod. In this building they placed two City Middle Schools at once – Rozhdestvenskoe and the one named after Mikhail Vasil’evich Lomonosov. On that day a prayer service took place and the building was sanctified. The administrative board of the city was present in body headed by the mayor, I.V. Bogoyavlenskiy. According to the “Records” in the school year 1912-1913 there studied 137 boys and 38 girls in Lomonosov City School and 133 boys in Rozhdestvenskiy.»


Full-fledged member of the society “Local Historian of Niznhiy Novogorod”,

member of Russian Union of Journalists Mikhail Horev

«The building is made of red brick and has a lot of space around it. The towers and high inclined roofs make the building look somewhat severe. The entrance to the building has a decorative margin in the shape of plastered pylons. There is also a sculpture bust of Lomonosov here, along the axis of the entrance.»


The newspaper "Volgar", 1913

Educational Environment
 Сonvenience Educational moments Power Points Order and comfort

A school is not just classrooms and halls. It is a whole common educational space and it's really important to find a quiet, cosy area for face to face lessons or individual research work.

Children acquire planning skills using simple, user-friendly things such as notes, graphs, drawings, question-answer boards

Specially designed spaces at school contribute in creating good mood: paintings of well known Nizhny Novgorod  artists, the best emotional works of the pupils are decorating school walls and exhibition halls.

A library and reading hall, book shelves and bookcases with intellectual games, laptops and iPads, music instruments, a workshop and laboratory - all these things and also a huge store of paint, paper, cardboard, multiplying equipment and instruments motivate students to be actively involved in various school activities.

Responsibility and independent behavior

There is a set of strict regulations for working in a science laboratory that students should follow to ensure the integrity of the experiments that are being held by individual students under teacher's supervision.

Careful attitude to someone's project is a rule for each student. Some long term researches, experiments or observations require not just their author's attention and patience.

We apply BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach at the school. Being a part of GSuite,  we actively use Google technologies in both full time and distance education

Useful habits SAFETY

A carefully composed menu fosters awareness of healthy food, dietary regime, regulates their own attitude towards healthy nutrition needs.

Our school is a safe place not only because of video control system in place but also due to a strict system of special regulations.